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Grow your business with promotional tools that will delight your customers and spread your brand. From custom shaped designs to digital services, our promotional flash drives offer the best solution for your marketing and outreach needs.
Quality Flash Drives Superior Quality Our flash drives have it all, from multiple storage capacities to universal compatibility.
Fast Delivery Fast Delivery We'll have your order from a concept to your doorstep in just 2 weeks.
Wholesale Prices Bulk Pricing Choose from pricing options and order quantities that will fit businesses of all sizes.
Quality Flash Drives Business Services Deliver your message to customers in a more personal way with pre-loaded data.

The World’s Most Advanced Marketing Tool

Flash drives are portable storage solutions. People use them in the office, at home, and at school to carry their most valuable digital information. As a gift, this high-tech item can transform a small marketing campaign into your most successful promotion yet.

Imagine giving out something that customers will not only cherish, but use daily. All of your custom flash drives will display your logo and company name along with any relevant contact information you might want to share. Whenever they use their USB, they'll see your brand.

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USB Geeks offers you a chance to connect with your market in a meaningful way. A flash drive is something that conveys a sense of professionalism to your audience that goes well beyond the average business card or tote bag.
Great Business Services for Your Flash Drives
USB Data Services

With business services from USB Geeks, it’s simple to discover, install, and upload the data you need to market your company. No more binders, no more paperwork, no more back-breaking boxes full of disposable handouts.

Just upload any presentation, flyer, brochure or media content you might have right onto your promotional USB drives. There’s no fuss, no mess. And best of all, we will do it all for you!

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Do you need to distribute confidential information to your customers? We can add an extra layer of security through our data encryption business feature.

No need to worry about unauthorized access or hacks. We use only the highest level of USB encryption.

Flash Drive Data Upload

Data Preload

Do you have a digital product or marketing materials that you want your customers to see? We will upload all of the business data you like right onto each flash drive. It’s very affordable and a lot easier than printing out dozens of copies.

Boost Your Trade Show Experience

Custom flash drives are engineered to take full advantage of the technology available today to deliver the most intuitive and integrated trade show experience.
Request a quoteBuilt from a number of different materials, promotional usb drives are designed to fully personalize your interaction with potential customers.

Promotional flash drives are the most effective way to engage with an audience one-on-one. Trade show attendees are three times as likely to remember the name of the company that gave them a promotional product.

Considering the short time frame you have to make an impact on trade show attendees, flash drives could be the single distinguishing factor between you and a competitor.

Generally, attendees will be more open to listening to what you have to say if you hand them something valuable in return for their time.